This weekend I decided to treat myself and buy a luxurious Pecksniff’s hand soap and lotion set. Pecksniff’s is a British fragrance and cosmetic company that makes indulgent fragrances. They make a great assortment of scents to pick from. So many that it was hard for me to decide which one to pick but I settled on this rose and peony scented set. I was intrigued by it because the pink-hue had that feminine touch and charm that I wanted to add to my bathroom sink decor. So, now every time I wash my hands I’m giving my hands a mini-pampering session with this moisturizing hand soap and lotion. The next time you’re picking something up to liven up your home don’t forget your bathroom sink. Getting a scented hand soap and lotion is such a quick way to add style to your bathroom decor. When making the purchase, this is what you should be asking yourself, How does this make me feel? Am I drawn to the packaging? Does the design of this product make me smile? If the answer is yes, buy it. If it’s no, put it down, and keep looking.



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