The luxurious and fashion-forward tile and stone supplier, Artistic Tile, hosted an evening reception for Hispanics in Real Estate & Construction (HREC) at their New York City showroom. HREC is a fantastic organization that advocates for the inclusion of Hispanic owned businesses, real estate, building, architectural, engineering and construction in both public and private projects. Some of the best Latino attorneys, contractors, and design-oriented enthusiasts in New York City came out to mingle at the fabulous HREC soirée. Everyone was gracious and friendly, and to top it off, we were surrounded by the beauty of all the elegant tile and stone design from Artistic Tile’s latest offerings.

Artistic Tile’s slogan, “Bringing art to life”, is shown in the images above with their clever fusion of fashion and tile. But besides the luxurious tile and stone at the showroom, the crowd at the event was just as fashionable and stylish.

The scene at HREC Night at Artistic Tile.

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