Custom Fit: Tailoring Your Internship
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Don’t dress sloppy, get yourself a tailor! Having your clothes fit you is one of the major components of style. A tailor will make sure  your clothes look good on you and that you have a custom fit. They’ll even repair or alter your clothes if you need to make minor alterations. If you can’t get everything tailored at least make sure your business suits are tailored, this goes for both men and women. If you can’t afford a custom tailor, just go to your local dry cleaners because most of the time they have an in-house tailor. If the local dry cleaners doesn’t work out for you, just go to mom, she’ll know what to do. FYI(For Your Information): You need to tailor your clothes when the following starts to happen:

1. Your pant legs are too long.

2. Your sleeves are  so long that your hands are hiding inside your jacket sleeve. 

3. The sides of your jacket gives you a boxy shape.

4. Your pants or skirt is loose and keeps sliding off.

5. The fit of your wedding dress doesn’t feel right.

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