If you really think of it, you’ll see that the majority of today’s fashion has not evolved. For example, ladies shoes. There is no denying that woman love shoes and that shoes are the top accessory fetish for women. But, as I strolled to the busy street of New York City the other day, I looked at all the shoes, sneakers, wedges, and heels that adorned the feet of so many stylish ladies jetting down the street. I came to the realization that WOMAN’S SHOES AND FASHION IN GENERAL IS LIMITED and stuck in the same old fashion style of the past. The shape of shoes hasn’t changed in decades. Year after year, the fashion world and retail stores reintroduce the same shoe styles. The only thing that seems to change is the shoe’s color, fabric or brand name. How can the fashion world be so fashion-forward, if all these years the silhouette of the shoe hasn’t changed? Even a Christian Louboutin heel is not that fashion-forward because besides the red bottoms it’s merely a basic pump.

What’s lacking in the fashion world is the presence of AUTHENTIC fashion designers that actually shape the world of fashion and style. There are no real trendsetters or stylemakers. What exist is a bunch of copycats and industry followers who just stamp their logo or branding onto a product.

Besides, the shoe style below, what do you think will be the next shoe style?

"Wild Africa" Giuseppe Zanotti wedges, $1,425.00

“Wild Africa” Giuseppe Zanotti wedges, $1,425.00


Lady Gaga (wearing Giuseppe Zanotti shoes) – Marry the Night Video



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