Have you ever bought a nice rug and then passed on buying a rug pad to go underneath it? I have, but I’ve learned that it’s not a good idea to do that. Most people tell themselves that buying a rug pad is not necessary, especially if they just bought an expensive rug. Huge mistake, people. Huge mistake!!! A rug pad is a must if you want to maximize the life of your rug, especially if your rug is expensive. You have to get a rug pad, but it also has to be a quality rug pad that’s environmentally-safe. Rug Pad USA offers a complete line of quality rug pads for less. Visit their website to view their assortment of eco-chic rug pads.

Most people are not aware that they are purchasing toxic rug pads that are laced with toxic chemicals, whic are damaging their health because of the release of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) into their homes. In addition, poorly constructed rug pads like those made of PVC or cheap synthetic plastic also harm your floors by staining them and causing discoloration. This happens because PVC/plastic rug pads are manufactured with chemicals that will react to the finishes in your floors. Here’s some examples of how damaging PVC/plastic rug pads are:

Image via Rug Pad USA

Image via Rug Pad USA

The image on the left shows a poorly made synthetic latex rug pad with a backing that was sprayed on, which ended up staining the floor. The image on the bottom shows how a PVC rug pad can melt onto your floors and leave a patch of marks. Many synthetic PVC rug pads cause damage to expensive hardwood floors and finishes and in some cases entire floors have to be refinished. You’re more likely to notice these damaging effects several years after you purchased a rug pad because most of us don’t frequently change our rugs when we update our home decor. Since most PVC/plastic rug pads don’t have any type of warranty, we end up having to pay to restore our floors. Keep in mind that if you live in a hot or humid climate PVC/plastic rug pads will harm your floors by melting and sticking to them. Preserve your flooring and go here to get a quality and environmentally-friendly rug pad that will not destroy your floors. I did and you should too.


My Superior-Lock rug pad from Rug Pad USA comes with all of these great benefits:
1. It’s environmentally-safe for my floors and my home
2. It’s made in the USA
3. I received free shipping 
4. A 20 year warranty
5. It will extend the life of my rug runner

The 100% natural rubber non-slip backing on my rug pad won’t stain or mark up my floors. I can also use it on hardwood, laminate, tile or concrete floors. (I have concrete-tile flooring.) It will prevent my rug from shifting and moving. A rug without a rug pad is a safety hazard. You can accidentally trip and fall on the edge of your rug. You should secure your rug to the floor with a rug pad underneath it. I’m sure you don’t want to end up in the hospital because of something as silly as tripping on the edge of your rug. You can prevent this from happening by doing something as simple as placing a rug pad under your rug. Since my rug pad is made from natural rubber tree sap it will not stick to my floors. The non-slip rubber backing will grip onto my floors while the recycled felt will cling to the bottom of my rug. Check out the features of my eco-friendly Superior-Lock rug pad from Rug Pad USA.

My environmentally-friendly rug pad features a 100% natural rubber backing that won’t break apart or wear out with time. It’s also made with needlepunch recycled felt that won’t shed or come apart.

The non-slip rubber backing is 100% safe for all floors. It will not stain or mark up my floors. The 100% recycled felt will help protect my floors and prevent the transfer/leaking of any dyes from my rug onto my floors. The picture below shows my rug pad in my foyer (with the felt side up) before I place my rug runner on top of it. So, remember, the next time you go shopping for a rug don’t forget to get yourself a quality eco-friendly rug pad that will not harm your floors. To learn more on how you can get an affordable quality rug pad click here.

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